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Biomedical Devices Testing

The biomedical field, one of the fastest growing fields, can be defined as the application of engineering concepts to biological and medical fields. With the introduction of novel biomaterials, innovative manufacturing processes, design concepts, design tools and market demands, the biomedical field is undergoing a remarkable change. The regulatory norms and the biomedical testing requirements are imperative to a successful biomedical or biological product.

At Criterion Scientific, our biomedical testing labs employ state of the art instruments and facilities coupled with years of industry experience, providing world class biomedical product testing and development solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, with decades of real world industry experience, has expertise in polymeric materials, composites, biomaterials, biology, biomedical engineering, bioanalytical testing, medical device manufacturing, metals and ceramics.

At Criterion Scientific, we perform testing per FDA, CE, ASTM and ISO medical testing requirements. Our team will also design projects specifically to meet your needs. We follow a highly collaborative approach in solving your problems and we work with you to reach your business goals.

Criterion Scientific provides following services to the medical device industry:

  • Mechanical / Physical Testing : Biomaterials, medical devices & animal models

  • Microscopy: Optical microscopy, surface interferometer, FTIR, SEM, TEM

  • Chemical Analysis including formulation and deformulation studies

  • Product testing including analysis of implants, stents, catheters, dental materials, coatings, bandages, beauty products and powders, biopolymers, metallic products, membranes, filters, sutures, orthopedic prostheses, tubing or any polymeric products.

  • Competitor product analysis

  • Medical products performance testing (font size from 10 to 12)

  • Leachable and Extractable testing

  • Method development and validation

  • Biomedical device development

  • Bioprosthetic heart valve materials testing

  • Customized testing & non- routine investigations

  • Tissue characterization

  • Polymer analysis

  • Metals characterization

  • Failure analysis

  • Contaminant identification

  • Biomaterials testing

  • Biomedical testing

  • Biological testing services

  • Medical device testing services

  • Bioanalytical services

  • Amino acid analysis

  • Protein analysis

  • Lipid analysis

  • Antibiotics testing

Within the biomedical field we also deal with various fields including Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Bionanotechnology, Medical Devices, Medical Imaging, Medical Implants, Biomedical Electronics, Tissue and Genetics Engineering and Clinical Engineering. This makes Criterion Scientific Biomedical Lab one of the most comprehensive testing solutions.

At Criterion Scientific, we will assist you with test feasibility, test protocol design, method development and validation, test implementation and results interpretation and reporting. We will strive to be a one stop comprehensive and affordable biomedical, biological and bioanalytical test solutions to all your testing needs.

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Contact us to find out how Biomedical Device Testing services at Criterion Scientific can add value to your business!!

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