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Consumer Products and Retail

Consumer Product analysis and testing is a systematic technical evaluation of a product with regard to its materials, manufacturing processes used, mechanical design, product performance and product economics. Competitor product analysis also forms a crucial part in consumer product testing and evaluation cycle as it gives real world view by comparing your product with similar products in the market.

Some of the questions that arises during consumer product testing and analysis are

  • Is the consumer product, performance driven or cost driven?

  • Is the product designed and manufactured to suit the end application?

  • Is the product manufactured to the correct specifications?

  • Does the consumer product deliver the expected performance?

  • What is the material used and are there any alternative materials?

  • Is the product meeting the required quality requirements?

  • Where does your product stand in the market and against its competition?

  • Where can you get competitor product analysis services?

  • Does your product meet government or industry regulatory standards?

Our consumer product testing labs bring to you the best resources in terms of manpower and analytical lab facilities. Product analysis and testing requires in depth knowledge and experience from different functional core competencies and across a wide range of industry sectors. Our product analysis labs employ interdisciplinary team of engineers, chemists, physicist and polymer scientists.

Product Analysis and Development Services include:

  • Raw material analysis and selection

  • Finished & semi-finished product analysis

  • Product design and optimization

  • Process selection and optimization

  • Fatigue testing and analysis

  • Environmental simulation and testing

  • Product failure analysis

  • Competitor product analysis

  • Consumer product testing

  • Product endurance testing

  • Product formulation & deformulation

  • Product patent infringement analysis

  • Product performance testing and comparison

  • Expert witness services and litigation support

Criterion Scientific routinely performs product analysis services in the following areas:

  • Polymers and composites

  • Synthetic resins and fibers

  • Electronic goods

  • Automotive components

  • Aerospace and defense products

  • Consumer products

  • Industrial products

  • Manufacturing products

At Criterion Scientific, our product analysis and testing labs employ state of the art instruments and facilities coupled with years of industry experience, providing world class product development and product analysis solutions.

The techniques employed by us include:

  1. Optical Microscopy and Imaging

  2. Mechanical Testing

  3. Endurance Testing

  4. X ray Diffraction (XRD)

  5. Viscometry and Rheometry

  6. Thermal Analysis

  7. X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS/ESCA)

  8. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDXS)

  9. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)

  10. Custom Designed Testing and Instrumentation

Criterion Scientific provides you with world class, unrivaled product analysis and development services. Our strategic partnership with The InnovaNet Group affords us an unprecedented ability to provide you with excellent and in depth product research and development services.

Competitor product Analysis Services.

Understanding your competitorsí products and how you perform against them is a critical component to sustainable business growth. Competitor product analysis is a strategic technical evaluation of your competitorsí products, with a focus on strengths and weaknesses and your differentiation in your industry. Competitor product testing includes evaluating your competitorsí key product and process parameters, understanding why your competitorsí products are successful and evaluating their vulnerabilities. It also includes industrial and consumer product testing and analysis.

Competitor product analysis helps you to determine where your product stands in this competitive market and helps you formulate rapid, effective and strategic technical strategies in developing your product and growing market share. It also brings to the surface areas where your product is stronger than your competitorsí products.

Competitor product analysis and testing may involve just a single test or a full battery of tests to provide a comprehensive product comparison and analysis.

We offer customized competitor product analysis services to answer following questions.

  • Where does your product stand in comparison to your competitorsí products?

  • Is it possible to reverse engineer your competitorsí products?

  • How best should you differentiate and market your product to remove competition?

  • In what ways does your product possess better performance than your competitorsí products?

  • How does your product perform against prevailing product specifications and advertisement claims?

  • Questions related to patent infringement and product liability and other legal issues.

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