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Metals and Alloys

Metallurgy is the study of physical and chemical behavior of metals and alloys. Study of microstructure and its correlation with the properties of materials and their behaviour in the service condition is an important aspect of metallurgy.

At Criterion Scientific, we donít just provide instrument generated data or results but rather provide comprehensive results and reports solving your core problem at affordable cost. In doing so, our engineers and scientists practice a highly collaborative style with our clients.

Our teams from various labs work closely with each other. They combine their mechanical, chemical, metallurgical, biological and biomedical expertise to solve your materials problems and deliver rapid, accurate and cost effective solutions to you.

We perform tests in accordance with various national and international standards including the the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), British Standards (BS) and German Standards (DIN). We also perform custom tailored materials and product testing services to suit and correlate your materials/productís service and application conditions.

Metallurgical Evaluations

  • Microstructure Evaluation

  • Structure Identification

  • Porosity and Defects

  • Grain Size Determination (ASTM E-112)

  • Phase Percentage and Transformation

  • Grain Boundary Precipitation

  • Heat Treatment Evaluations

  • Carburization & Decarburization

  • Case Depth Measurements

  • Inclusion Rating (ASTM E-45)

  • Sensitization

  • Alloy Depletion

  • Dendritic Arm Spacing

  • Intergranular Oxidation / Corrosion (ASTM A-262)

  • Carbide Formation and Precipitation

  • Diffusion Layers Evaluations

  • Retained Austenite Measurements

  • Plating and Coating Thickness

  • Carbide Precipitation & Distribution

Failure Analysis

We also provide comprehensive failure analysis services with detailed root causes of failure along with cost effective practical recommendations.

The failure of a material or product could be due to any one or combination of following:

  • Fatigue Failure

  • Creep Failure

  • Corrosion Failure

  • Environmental Degradation

  • Overload

  • Improper Design / Fabrication

  • Embrittlement

  • Wear

  • Cracking (Stress Corrosion Cracking)

Our labs have the capabilities and the expertise to perform all the above failure analysis services.

Corrosion Analysis

We also provide Analysis and consultation on

  • Corrosion Prevention

  • Coating Analysis

  • Environment Assessment

  • Material Selection

  • Product Development and Testing to suite the environment

  • Corrosion Analysis

  • Metallurgical Analysis of Corrosion

  • Sensitization of austenitic stainless steels per ASTM A262

  • Sensitization of ferritic stainless steels per ASTM A763

Some of our additional services are

  • Product Testing Services

  • Environmental Analysis

  • Refractory Testing Services

  • Thermal Testing

  • Surface Analysis

  • High Temperature Performance Testing

  • Coating and Plating Analysis

  • Surface & Coatings Analysis

  • Product & Process Optimization

  • Competitor Product Analysis

  • Consumer Product Testing

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Contact us to find out how Biomedical Device Testing services at Criterion Scientific can add value to your business!!

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