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Physical and Mechanical Testing Services

Physical or Mechanical testing of material is often one of the most fundamental tests you can perform to understand the physical properties of materials or products at any stage of manufacturing across the value chain, from raw material to finished goods.

Criterion Scientific offers comprehensive physical and mechanical testing services across a very broad range of industries, including aerospace and defense, medical device, sporting goods, traditional and advanced manufacturing, process industries, synthetic turf applications, construction industries and consumer goods.

Physical testing lab services include an array of tests, including:

  • Mechanical Testing
    • Tensile testing- ASTM D 638/ ASTM D 412 / ASTM D 3039
    • Compression testing- ASTM D 695/ ASTM D 575
    • Shear testing-
    • Flexural testing- ASTM D 732
    • Bend testing- ASTM D 790
    • Cantilever testing- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
    • Bend and rebend testing- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
    • Cantilever testing- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
    • Compression set testing- ASTM D 395
    • Tear testing- IS0 6383
    • Brittleness testing- ASTM D 746
  • Hardness Testing
    • Vickers hardness- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
    • Brinell Hardness- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
    • Rockwell Hardness- ASTM D 785
    • Shore Hardness- ASTM D 2240

  • Tube Testing
    • Bulging Test- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
    • Flattening Test- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized

  • Adhesion Testing
    • Peel Testing- ASTM D 903, D 3330, D 49, D 1876, D 3167
    • Seal Testing- ASTM D 412
    • Pull Testing- ASTM D 412

  • Coefficient of Friction Testing
    • Static- ASTM D 1894
    • Dynamic- ASTM D 1894

  • Coating Thickness and Case Depth Measurement- ISO/ MIL/Customized
  • Density Measurements- ASTM D 792, C 271
  • Charpy Impact Test- ASTM D 256
  • Izod Impact Test- ASTM D 256
  • Pull out Strength Testing- ASTM D 4812
  • Weld testing and weld evaluations- ASTM D 412, D 638
  • Competitor Product Testing and Analysis- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
  • Dimensional Analysis- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
  • Weld Testing and Evaluations- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
  • Creep and Fatigue Testing- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
  • Endurance Testing- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized
  • Custom Tailored Testing Services- ASTM / ISO/ MIL/Customized

We can also perform a wide range of customized mechanical strength testing as per your requirements, simulating real-time / on-site conditions. Today, much materials testing requires a significant amount of advanced fixtures, attachments and customizable instruments. At Criterion Scientific, we take go to great lengths to perform your customized tests to suit your specific applications / site conditions. We highly adept at providing polymer strength testing lab services, Metals and Alloys strength testing lab services, Composites strength testing lab services, Rubber strength testing lab services, Plastics strength testing lab services, Adhesives strength testing lab services, Sealants strength testing lab services, Gasket strength testing lab services, Fabric strength testing lab services, Bio Medical Product strength testing lab services, Pharma packaging strength testing lab services, Paper strength testing lab services, Films strength testing lab services and many more.

Our physical testing labs have state of the art instruments and facilities to perform physical and mechanical testing of any materials and products within a short period of time. Our team, with years of industry experience and knowledge, is highly competent to solve your mechanical testing needs and to provide you with world class mechanical testing services.

Criterion Scientific can perform physical and mechanical testing in conformance with various national and international standards including ASTM, NIST, ASME, AISI, BS, DIN. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists, with decades of functional and industry experience, can also design customized test protocols to suit your specific needs and applications.

Our mechanical testing labs routinely perform physical and mechanical testing on a broad range of materials, including metals, polymers, composites, rubber, elastomers and other polymeric materials. While most of the mechanical testing work is carried out at room temperature, our world class instruments also allow us to perform mechanical testing at elevated temperatures.

Criterion Scientific also has a strong network of machine shops, where all the required sample preparation, design and manufacturing of fixtures and other testing machines specified by ASTM standards can be done at an economically feasible rate within a short period of time.

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Contact us to find out how polymer analysis labs and plastic testing lab services at Criterion Scientific can add value to your business!!

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